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Research: Bitcoin futures — a trading review of Q1 2018

Review of trading patterns ranging from Bitcoin’s first future trade in December 2017 to market movements as of the end of March 2018 and insights on how the bitcoin futures curve should be calculated.

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VC firms should see ICOs as friends, not foes

Increasing numbers of VCs are participating in token sales and acknowledging the benefits that come from a decentralized network. In some cases, they are left with no choice if they want to be a part of some of the industry’s biggest success stories.

Even in crypto, there is still no free lunch

Let’s have a look at what the real costs of conducting an ICO are. How do teams ensure they really benefit from this new fundraising mechanism?

This Week in Crypto: The sound of the underground

The cryptocurrency world is in somewhat of a strange state right now

South Korea and Japan Will Grow to Dominate Cryptocurrency

Regulators are reflexive in a robust market and set the tone

This Week in Crypto: Three lessons from a Sea of Red

Baptism by correction to the newcomers