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A blockchain microservice operating system

An end-to-end decentralized applications payment platform


A decentralized platform that enables anyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace

Raised: $80MM

Privacy protocol that enables truly decentralized applications and unlocks the value of blockchains

Raised: $45MM

A peer-to-peer credit network protocol based on co-signed smart contract

Raised: $37MM

A decentralized protocol for the most secure, private and efficient cloud storage

Raised: $30MM

A development platform and community to create and distribute smart virtual goods on the blockchain

Raised: $20MM

A platform to reward knowledge workers for conversational contributions

Raised: $15MM

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Crypto regulation around the world — October 2018

This is the sixth edition of Element Group’s global crypto-regulation report. All content is up-to-date for October 2018, at press time.

Introducing the age of the tokenized business

What does tokenization really means for industries and businesses in the long-term, beyond issuance, speculation and hype.

Crypto regulation around the world — September 2018

This is the fifth edition of Element Group’s global crypto-regulation report. All content is up-to-date for September 2018, at press time.

Crypto regulation around the world - August 2018

This is the fourth edition of Element Group’s global crypto-regulation report. All content is up-to-date for August 2018, at press time.

Research: Global Macro Trends and Cryptocurrency

An exclusive research report outlining the relationship between global macroeconomic trends and cryptocurrency markets

Crypto Whales: Market Manipulators or Visionary Trailblazers?

An Op-Ed from Element Group on how the crypto whale carved out a space in an emerging industry — and what comes next as the market becomes institutionalized by Wall Street trade.

Research: Do ICO bounty campaigns help hit the fundraising jackpot?

An exclusive analysis of ICO bounty campaigns as an emergent promotional mechanism and an evaluation of their effectiveness in the current cryptocurrency market.

Crypto regulation around the world — July 2018

This is the third edition of Element Group’s global crypto-regulation report. All content is up-to-date for July 2018, at press time.

The revolution is being tokenized
(but not the way we thought)

We were told that blockchain would transform industries. And we have been privy to the many use-case potentials. But where is blockchain actually affecting change?

Crypto regulation around the world — June 2018

This is the second edition of Element Group’s monthly report on global cryptocurrency legislature. All content is up-to-date for June 2018, at press time.

Crypto regulation around the world - May 2018

In this report, we’re focusing on crypto-regulation imposed by international governmental agencies as it stands in May 2018, at press time.

The definitive guide to building an effective crowdsale marketing campaign

The Element Group marketing team has advised token sales which have collectively raised over $180 million. In this article, we will share our steps to building a successful ICO marketing campaign.

Research: Bitcoin futures — a trading review of Q1 2018

Review of trading patterns ranging from Bitcoin’s first future trade in December 2017 to market movements as of the end of March 2018 and insights on how the bitcoin futures curve should be calculated.

Top 5 crypto trends in banking to watch right now - Featured in HackerNoon

While it may not be mainstream yet, crypto is making itself known. And banks are taking note of this paradigm shift.

VC firms should see ICOs as friends, not foes

Increasing numbers of VCs are participating in token sales and acknowledging the benefits that come from a decentralized network. In some cases, they are left with no choice if they want to be a part of some of the industry’s biggest success stories.

Even in crypto, there is still no free lunch

Let’s have a look at what the real costs of conducting an ICO are. How do teams ensure they really benefit from this new fundraising mechanism?

This Week in Crypto: The sound of the underground

The cryptocurrency world is in somewhat of a strange state right now

South Korea and Japan Will Grow to Dominate Cryptocurrency

Regulators are reflexive in a robust market and set the tone

This Week in Crypto: Three lessons from a Sea of Red

Baptism by correction to the newcomers

Next Year in Crypto - Featured in HackerNoon

11 predictions for 2018

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