Research: Do ICO bounty campaigns help hit the fundraising jackpot?

An exclusive analysis of ICO bounty campaigns as an emergent promotional mechanism and an evaluation of their effectiveness in the current cryptocurrency market.


The token sale landscape has changed dramatically since 2017, and companies are reassessing the token sale funraising model and appropriate marketing tools. Bounty campaigns have emerged as strategies to create additional exposure for blockchain projects and to broaden investor reach following token generation events.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that bounty campaigns can both raise awareness about a project and funnel this awareness into additional funds. But what does the data say? 


Element Group analyzed data from 164 projects that have used bounty campaigns, to find out if there is indeed a link between the amount raised in a token sale and the efforts made in its bounty drive. Element also provides insights into bounties in relation to the size of the project and the extent of the marketing campaigns behind them, and how that might change the outcome.

Element Group strives to deliver rigorous analytics and research related to current cryptoeconomic trends. We believe that data reviews like this are useful in assessing relatively new funding techniques and marketing methods in an emerging industry in order to fully understand their form, use, and ultimately their usefulness in the sector going forward.

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