Research: Global Macro Trends and Cryptocurrency

An exclusive research report outlining the relationship between global macroeconomic trends and cryptocurrency markets


What can happen to cryptocurrencies if the stock market crashes? If interest rates move higher than expected, will this affect how crypto companies make business decisions? What about if the US enters a legitimate trade war with China? What about if the US enters into a real war? We ask ourselves these questions regularly, yet, at the current stage of the market’s development, all answers are merely educated guesses. Nevertheless, attempting to build a framework to answer these questions in a logical, data-driven manner is vitally important as the digital asset market consolidates.

In our latest quarterly thought piece labeled “Global Macro Trends and Cryptocurrencies”, we share some of our findings that came about from examining the relationships between facets of the traditional macro world and the digital asset world.


In the report, the Element Digital Asset Management team analyzes topical macro trends that includes the threat of possible stock market correction, cross asset volatility, investor decision fatigue, the promise of a bitcoin ETF, cryptocurrency futures and price dispersion across different market capitalizations. The objective of the report is to highlight interesting observations within these global macro trends and to hypothesize on whether or not they have a measured effect on the digital asset space.

Element Group strives to deliver rigorous analytics and research related to current cryptoeconomic trends. We believe that placing digital assets into a broader, global context will open up a dialogue regarding these assets’ place in the macroeconomic landscape.

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