Tokenization Framework by Element Group

A purpose-built and market-tested set of tools for each stage of the tokenization lifecycle, from issuance to governance
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Trusted by blockchain industry leaders

Enigma was extremely pleased working with Element during its token sale. Element brought a level of professionalism that exceeded other service providers in the market. The token sale advisor service ended up being the start of a long fruitful relationship.
Can Kisagun
Co-Founder, Enigma
Tokenization Framework
The Element Group knows tokenized businesses.
Our team of investment bankers, asset managers, attorneys, and technologists put together the Tokenization to accommodate shifting market needs and client demands. Our enterprise-grade tools contain an expanding set of powerful features for each stage in the lifecycle of a tokenized business.
Brent Cohen
Head of Product, Element Group
Daniel Ice
Marina Khaustova
CMO and Co-Founder of Element Capital Group, LLC
Daniel Ice
Brent Cohen
CEO and Co-Founder of Element Capital Group, LLC
Marina Khaustova
CMO and Co-Founder of Element Capital Group, LLC
A proven solution for an emerging space
Element Group’s Tokenization framework includes essential features for all stages of tokenization: built-in KYC/AML checks, automated eSignature integrations, multi-currency support for collecting funds, and powerful distribution tools for the initial distribution as well as subsequent airdrops, bounty programs, and other trackable promotions, as well as tools for equity management, treasury, and governance.
Customized Skin
Fully customizable to match the look and feel of your website.
Compliance Features
eSignatureDocuSign integration for buyers to complete and sign SAFT agreements; buyers also go through KYC and AML in-browser.
Powerful Back Office
Allows you to keep track of all the data that relates to your offering.
Funnel analysis to find out where your buyers are getting stuck and target them for better conversion.
Audited ERC20 Token
Our ElementToken contract has been audited by Zepplin and is ready to be quickly deployed with your name, symbol, and token supply.
Multi-Currency Fund Collection
Securely accept ETH and BTC. Other cryptocurrencies can be accepted via the integrated ShapeShift widget.
Marketing Tools
Referral tracking, email campaigns, integration with Zapier.
Buyer Wallets
Unique wallet address generated for each buyer.
Distribution Tools
Automated distribution at specified exchange rates.
We guarantee a tailored approach: customized development available.
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Launching an ICO is just a tip of the iceberg.
Successful tokenization processes require extensive lifecycle support addressing complex marketing, technical, and legal considerations. We have found that projects typically underestimate the significant technical challenges ahead of them:
  • Organizing the KYC/AML process contributors must go through to make sure the sale stays compliant while minimizing drop off rates
  • Collecting funds in multiple currencies
  • Providing bulletproof security for both company and participants
  • Managing specific analytics and integrations required by marketers
  • Facilitating quick and efficient distribution to token sale participants
Issuing your own digital asset is just the first step in the lifecycle of a tokenized business. As your business grows and develops, you will need to tackle increasingly complex challenges which require the right tools:
  • Equity tokenization and management
  • HR strategy
  • Monitoring and hedging digital assets
  • Cap table management
  • Accounting, tax, and trading reporting
We put the security of your assets on the first place
After years of supporting various businesses in their tokenization efforts we created a security check-list which will serve as a useful guideline for everyone considering token generation event.
Choose the right partner for the long run
Element Group is a digital asset capital markets company. The firm is profitably executing on 4 business lines: technology platform and services, investment banking, trading, and asset management. Over the last year, Element has grown from four partners to a team of 30+ with four offices globally. The company has built the Tokenization Framework, a unique platform with over $500MM in historical transactions. Element brings access to the center of the digital asset universe—from both capital markets and technology perspectives.
Our mission
Transform traditional capital markets with digital assets, digital currencies and blockchain technology.
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